11/18 – Wrapped the very fun supporting role of Edgar Allan Poe in the short film “Creature of the Night”.

10/18 – Booked the role of Edgar Allan Poe in the short film “Creature of the Night”, filming in November.

9/18 – Little Comfort screens at the Grove Film Festival, congrats to all involved in the production!

7/18 – Began adding to and refining my skill set by beginning improv training at The People’s Improvisational Theatre and on-camera scene study with Anthony Robert Grasso.

4/18 – Booked and wrapped a supporting role in the short film Little Comfort.

3/18 – Got new headshots courtesy of the fabulously talented Anthony Robert Grasso.

1/18 Testament post-production completes with a final scoring of the film as “Hard Science” pre-production begins.

11/17 – “Jumper” makes it to the finals of the New York New Works Theatre Festival, one of 6 shows selected from 54!  Industry panelists/voters strongly suggest expanding it to full length for a potential Off-Broadway run.

10/17 – Put up two sold out performances as Daniel in “Jumper” at The Duke on 42nd as part of the New York New Works Theatre Festival.

9/17 – “Jumper” is accepted to perform as part of the New York New Works Theatre Festival in October at The Duke Theatre on 42nd.

8/17 – Co-wrote the upcoming webseries “Hard Science” with my partners at Solvency Studios. Production dates set for Spring 2018.

7/17 – Wrapped two shows as Daniel in “Jumper” as part of the Midtown Int’l Theatre Festival.

6/17 – Began rehearsals as the co-lead in the reprise of “Jumper”, which will appear as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival in July.

5/17 – Wrapped the lead role of William Scaden in the short film Testament.

4/17 – Wrapped a couple of performances as the co-lead in the play “Cooler“, part of a short play series at Manhattan Rep.

2/17 – The Less Than Three trailer  is up, with the premiere screening to come in March.  Festival marketing begins now!

1/17 – Wrapped filming on the Solvency Studios 30 minute comedy pilot, Less Than Three.

12/16 – Co-wrote the webseries Service Station with Solvency Studios head writer, Kimberly Alu.

10/16-11/16 – Wrapped up and released the last of 48(!) comedy sketches with my partners at Solvency Studios.

9/16– Became a third partner at Solvency Studios and began production in a producer’s role on the original 30 minute comedy pilot, Less Than Three.

8/16 – Released another round of comedy sketches with my fantastic creative partners at Solvency Studios, check them out!

7/16 – Wrapped 6 more comedy sketches with the talented folks at Solvency Studios, look for them on an Internet near you soon!

6/16 – In collaboration with Solvency Studios released 30 minutes of original comedy content including the 8 episode web series Cohabitsalong with 7 short comedy sketches.

6/16New comedy reel released and produced by the wonderfully talented Kimberly Alu.

5/16 – Wrapped the supporting role of Jake in the short dramatic film Social Workand completed 3 more comedy sketches.

4/16 – The first of the recent comedy shorts I’ve been working on is released, check out the fabulously talented Amy Bettina doing her magic in Can I Have a Water?

3/16 – Wrapped lead roles in 4 original short comedy films working opposite my talented friends Ken Forbes, Kimberly Alu and Amy Bettina.

3/16 – Wrapped 8 episodes as co-lead Jeffrey in the offbeat, funny and wildly profane web serieCohabits, set to attack the internets this Summer.

1/16 – Partcipated in a very funny table read for the feature film script of “The Gentleman’s Guide to Self Sabotage”.

12/15 – Inhabitated the role of Jeffrey in a hilarious table read for the to-be-pitched pilot “Less than Three”, written by my “Jumper” cohorts Kimberly Alu and Tom Colarusso

11/15 – Completed a great four show run of “Jumper” as part of a One Act competition at Manhattan Rep, finished second out of 16 plays and had a fantastic artistic experience in the process!

10/15 – Booked a lead role in the one act play “Jumper” which will be showing in competition at Manhattan Rep in November.

5/15 – Was pinned for a co-star role on an upcoming mini-series to air on ABC.  As always thanks to the lovely ladies at Chrystie St. Casting for bringing me in!

2/15 – Was invited to be a reader at ABC for a callback session for 4 of their upcoming pilots.  A special thank you to Erica Hart and Janet Murphy Butler for an inspiring and invaluable experience!

2/15 – Participated in a table read of a new TV pilot “Hustlers“, created by the producers of Doorman.

1/15 – Was called in to audition for a meaty guest star role on CBS’s Person of Interest, thank you to the folks at Chrystie St. Casting for bringing me in!

1/15 – Participated in a series of table reads for the upcoming webseries “#Poundcake“. 12/14 – Wrapped a supporting role portraying a casting director in the upcoming comedy web series “Egg on a Role”.

07-14 – Wrapped the lead role of Mr. Katt in the very funny short film The Job Offer.

02-06/14 – Began implementation of a plan to acquaint or re-acquaint myself with the Film/TV casting community of New York. Over the past 4 months I have auditioned for: Rebecca Dealy, Mia Cusumano, Melissa Moss, Kim Graham, Jodi Angstreich, Clint Alexander, Tiffany Little-Canfield, Lori Malkin, Sabrina Hyman, David Vaccari, Kate Geller, Christine Kromer, Allison Estrin, Susanne Scheel, Ross Meyerson, Erin Darke, Trey Lawson, Allison Shomer, Joey Montenarello, Janet Murphy-Butler, John Ort, Claire Traeger, and Jessica Kelly, with more to come. Special thanks to Actors Green Room!

12/13 – Finished up a quick clip reel from my stint at TBS’s Very Funny News. 1

1/13 – Reunited with artist Pierre St-Jacques to work on his 6-channel video installation “An Exploration of Dead Ends”, showing on the LES in 2014.

10/13 – David Spaltro’s multiple award winning feature Things I Don’t Understand, in which I had a small supporting role, is released to Video-On-Demand 10/31. Click here to watch.

09/13 – Upon my return to NYC, began work with the NYAS, an ensemble of working actors, writers and producers shaping and developing original material for both stage and screen.

08/13 – Made a final appearance as Joe the Stage Manager in another Very Funny News spot for TBS before my return to New York.

04/13 – Wrapped a Very Funny News spot opposite the amazing Craig Robinson (“The Office”, “Pineapple Express”), set to air on TBS in April.

04/13 – Picked up some great new headshots courtesy of the very talented (and easy to work with) Nikola Kitanovsky of Lionfly Photography.

01/13 – Wrapped another episode as Joe the Stage Manager for Very Funny News, set to air on TBS in January.

10/12 – Wrapped 4 episodes opposite the extremely funny and talented Julian McCullough for TBS’s Very Funny News, set to air in Oct. and Nov.

07/12 – Signed with manager Tammy Jackson of Consortium Entertainment.

06/12 – Completed the three week showcase run of the play “Push Up”, which received a fantastic review.

04/12 – Booked the role of Frank in the play Push Up, scheduled for a short showcase run in June in North Hollywood. You can buy tickets here.

02/12 – Relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue more film and television opportunities.

01/12 -Wrapped the principal role of Investigator for the premiere episode of the upcoming Discovery ID series Evil, I.

12/11 – Booked and wrapped a principal role in a commercial for Aetna. 11/11 – Had new headshots taken courtesy of the wonderfully talented lady behind Rebecca Fay Photography.

10/11 – Reprised the role of Sid for some teaser scenes from the upcoming sequel to Intruder.

09/11 – Festival updates: Some Jobs are Simple in Clearwater Film & Music Festival, Small Desires in both St. Louis Int’l. Film Festival and Ft. Lauderdale Int’l. Film Festival and The Quiet Room in Big Apple Film Festival.

08/11 – Booked and wrapped the supporting role of Oscar in the upcoming webseries The RA’s, set to premiere in September.

07/11 – Wrapped the very small role of Sal in the short film Scars.

06/11 – Found out that Some Jobs are Simple will screen at two more festivals this summer: the San Antonio Film Festival and the Long Island International Film Expo.

05/11 – Wrapped a principal role in the very short film Small Desires, produced and directed by the talented Joel Dunn of Theory Films.

04/11 – Wrapped the supporting role of Davis in the feature film Things I Don’t Understand.

03/11 – Booked and wrapped a print editorial for Scholastic.

02/11 – Wrapped an industrial for a medical services device produced by Harrington Talents.

12/10 – My actor reel gets reviewed by L.A. casting director Ivy Isenberg and manager Ryan Glasgow on the Virtual Channel Network.

10/10 – Wrapped a promo for the upcoming NYC Horror Film Festival, produced by Harrington Talents.

09/10 – Booked the supporting role of Davis in David Spaltro’s upcoming feature, Things I Don’t Understand, set to begin filming in Spring ’11.

09/10 – Found out that Some Jobs are Simple will screen as part of the Big Apple Film Festival in November.

08/10 – Wrapped the lead role of Gary Waters in Getting Wet, a pitch pilot I created, co-wrote and produced.

07/10 – Booked and wrapped the lead role of The Narrator in the comedic short film “This is Stephen Simons”.

06/10 – Found out that Fruits of Eden, will screen at the Sarajevo International Film Festival.

05/10 – Wrapped the supporting role of Stillwell in the caper short “The Storyteller”.

04/10 – Began pre-production on my original pilot, Getting Wet, set to film in August, and booked a supporting role in another upcoming short film.

03/10 – Wrapped the supporting role of The Man in Black in the short film Fruits of Eden, filmed on location in Woodstock.

02/10 – Wrapped the supporting role of The Inspector in the short film “Underachievers”, and learned that Shutterbug will screen in March at Cinema Village.

02/10 – Wrapped another web hosting job for Clip Tailors and an industrial for TMI, produced by Eschelon Marketing & Design.

01/10 – Wrapped the supporting role of Jenkins in the latest Hot Garbage comedy sketch “Ringtone Composers”.

10/09 – Booked and wrapped a principal role in a web commercial for Kodak, produced by GreenCard Pictures.

09/09 – Finished up work on my 2010 Actor Reel, produced as always by the incredibly talented Matt Posorske.

08/09 – Began work as a contracting web spokesperson for the internet company Clip Tailors and learned that Intruder is now available at both Amazon and Netflix.

07/09 – Wrapped a fourth episode in the ongoing Bromos series, which has been invited to screen at the legendary Carolines as part of their inaugural Burnt Toast festival. 06/09 – Wrapped the supporting role of Henry in the feature film The Quiet Room, the lead role in a new Collegehumor original video, and received another callback at The Onion News Network.

05/09 – Wrapped the supporting role of Kyle in a sketch for the Hot Garbage comedy pilot, “Mouthful” and made another appearance as Kurt in Bromos: III.

05/09, – Booked the supporting role of Henry in the upcoming feature film The Quiet Room, set to begin shooting in June.

04/09 – Wrapped another episode as the downtrodden Kurt in Bromos: Episode 2 (which won another screening and a very positive review) and received callbacks on two regional commercials.

03/09 – Wrapped the small supporting role of Kurt in the reality-tv spoof Bromos, which screened and won a prime time slot on Channel 101.

03/09 – Found out that Shutterbug recently won an award of merit from the distribution-friendly festival The Indie. Congratulations to Cyprian Films NY!

02/09 – Wrapped the supporting role of Richard in the viciously stark short film “Nobesity”.

01/09 – Wrapped the tiny role of Ben in a ‘Lost’ Parody for featuring Saturday Night Live’s Bobby Moynihan.

01/09 – Wrapped the lead role of Joe in the noir-ish crime short Some Jobs are Simple (opposite the fantastic Molly Ryman) and a small supporting role in the buddy comedy Jimmy Time.

12/08 – Wrapped a series of internet spots for the company and booked two short films for 2009.

11/08 – Wrapped a principal role in a national commercial for a mortgage relief services company produced by Harrington Talents.

10/08 – Wrapped a Hardly Working spot for in addition to the lead role of Riley in the oh-so-very-short film “Line of Work”.

08/08 – Wrapped the supporting role of Stan in the relationship comedy short Voodoo T-Shirt and received a callback on a spot for The Onion News Network.

07/08 – Finished pickups on Intruder and wrapped the small supporting role of Rudy in the existential short Paul Fischer.

07/08 – After two solid years of film work, put final touches on the requisite Actor Reel (produced by the ineffable Matt Posorske).

06/08 – Wrapped the title role in the short film Speak of the Devil and booked a supporting role in the upcoming comedy short Voodoo T-Shirt.

05/08 – Wrapped the supporting role of Mr. Minos in the feature film John Hook and started work on another short.

03/08 – Booked and wrapped principal role in an industrial for management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

01/08 – Wrapped the lead role of Robin in the very raw short film The Hustlers and the supporting role of Morrie in the family drama “West Brighton”.

12/07 – Wrapped another appearance in the Wingman series and booked the lead role in a short film set to shoot in January.

11/07 – Made first appearance in the recurring role of Dancer in the dating scene web comedy Desperately Seeking Wingman.

10/07 – Wrapped supporting roles in two feature films (Sid in the psychological thriller Intruder and Ken in the dark ensemble drama Insidious) and received a callback on an Optimum Online spot.

08/07 – Wrapped the lead role of Dereck in the caper film The Spin and a small supporting role in the art shorts “and” and “the”.

07/07 – Wrapped the supporting role of Jake in a modern adaptation of Flaubert’s short story “Memoirs of a Madman”.

06/07 – Got to work opposite the amazingly generous Robby Benson in a promotional spot for his soon-to-be-released Hollywood novel Who Stole the Funny?.

06/07 – Wrapped the lead role of Carnaby in the hyper-theatrical fantasy short The Shadow Traveler.

05/07 – Wrapped the lead role of Joe in the comedy short Parental Supervision.

04/07 – Wrapped the lead role of Jon in the short film “Last Chapter” and booked a recurring role in the urban western web serial The West Side.

03/07 – Booked and wrapped lead roles in two short films and made it to right-of-first-refusal on an ESPN commercial.

02/07 – Booked and wrapped principal role in a Lunesta spec commercial. 1

2/06 – Wrapped the supporting role of Matthew in the feature film Shutterbug. 1

1/06 – Shot three shorts in four weeks (including Late Night with Spiderman and The Listing) at the NYU Television studio under the tutelage of the great Robby Benson.

10/06 – Wrapped the lead role of Noah in the feature film “After Dark” after 5 weeks of filming.

09/06 – Wrapped two shorts (including the futuristic thriller The Mannerly Man) and began shooting the post-apocalyptic feature film “After Dark”.

08/06 – Wrapped supporting roles in two feature films: Danny in Occam’s Razor (directed by award winning producer and Sundance entrant, Ken Kushner), and Brian in Manchester Bound.

07/06 – Was one of 16 actors cast in the feature film Occam’s Razor out of 2,400 submissions, and wrapped a supporting role in my third short film in a month, The Hole in the Sky.

06/06 – Shot two short films in as many weeks and got amazing new headshots from the inimitable Robert Kim.

05/06 – Played the lead role of Jake in Sam Shepard’s “A Lie of the Mind” (directed by Greg Simmons) in my final performance at the Academy.

12/05 – Played the role of Albert in the ensemble Academy play “Becoming Memories”, directed by Ted Sod.

07/05 – Played the role of Sarge in the ensemble Academy play “Female Transport”, directed by Greg Simmons.